Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #515

The environmental landscape shifted recently down-under.

Australia became the first nation to SCRAP its carbon tax. Why?  Their Prime Minister gets it.  The tax made Australian industry non-competitive in both the local, and world markets.  He made a campaign pledge to revoke the tax….and he delivered.  Congratulations.  Something we see way too little of politically these days.

The repeal was popular with Aussies, too.  The average family could save $550 Australian Dollars per year due to lower electricity prices.

This will now clear the way for increased Natural Gas export projects to proceed on a more level playing field, allowing Australia to compete more fairly to supply Asian demand.

I salute Prime Minister Abbott for understanding that over-taxation and un-necessary regulations hurt business.  And California, take note.  Less regulation would help your economy too.

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