Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #519

Russian President Vladimir Putin is pitting Europe against the United States, and even against themselves.  With his continued disruption of gas flowing to the Ukraine, Europe is getting nervous.  And President Obama wants to increase sanctions….and he’ll need Europe’s buy-in to put any teeth into them.

There’s the pickle.  Europe needs to be as nice as they can to Mr. Putin right now.  And, with the French banning fracking completely, and Germany ramping up coal and England and Denmark finally starting to consider fracking as an alternative for their independence, Europe is divided.   And that’s just what Mr. Putin wants.

A very real….clear….and beneficial solution for the United States is to begin exporting natural gas to Europe as fast as possible.  Oh….forgive me….that would benefit us and solve a world problem.

Never mind….

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