Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #524

Ft. Collins, Colorado.

November 2013.

Residents vote to ban fracking.

December 2013.

Lawsuits are filed by the Colorado Oil and Gas association and others.

Tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees later…..fast forward to

August 2014.

A district judge in….of all places….Boulder….says the 5-year ban, voted on by the people, is illegal.

The basis of the judge’s ruling is that, while the City has the full right of self-government on local and municipal matters, the fracking ban crossed the line of State’s Oil and Gas Conservation Act because it prohibits the development of – quote – equitable oil and gas production.

This is where most of these local fracking ban votes will end up, including Denton,Texas.  On a judge’s bench where they will likely be overturned in favor of State Law.

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