Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #525

Randy Bumgardner, a State Senator in Colorado, said something recently that clicked.

He was defending the safe practice of fracking in his home state, particularly related to water.  He said that native American Indians traveled to what they called “Burning Waters”.

The Indians didn’t know how, where or why the water burned, but it provided them warmth in the winter and often were related to geothermically hot springs, where the bacteria in the water could also produce methane.

Burning water is nothing new.  George Washington, our first President, lit water on fire in New Jersey in 1783, and his good friend Thomas Paine memorialized it in his writings.  Movies about burning water because of fracking are bunk, and it is NOT directly related to fracking.  No viable scientific or academic study has proven otherwise.

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