Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #526

Residents of Toledo, Ohio went almost a week without water recently.  They couldn’t drink it, and boiling made it worse.

Ohio’s Governor, John Kasich, declared a State of Emergency.  Water in stores vanished in hours and the National Guard was called in to deliver more bottled water to the nearly half-a-million good folks who were in dire straights.

What caused Toledo’s water to go bad?  It was caused by an F-word, but not THAT F-word.  FARMERS.  Due to run-off from nearby soybean farms, a thick, green algae formed on Lake Erie, the main source of Toledo’s water.

Fracking had nothing to do with Toledo’s dilemma, and strangely I haven’t heard one word about banning farming.  Fracking is just as safe as farming and we need both to Power America.

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