Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #539

In California, there’s an extremist anti-oil and gas group called “Food & Water Watch”.   They rallied some of the state’s top chefs against fracking.  Now here’s a strange paradox:  90-percent of the wells producing natural gas are fracked.  Chefs….by a 98-to-2 margin….prefer to cook with natural gas.

Hmmmm.  So I’m curious…if they throw out fracking and convert back to open wood pits, are you willing to wait 4 hours for a steak?  Or what about rooftop solar on the restaurant?  Guess you’re out of luck during the dinner hour.

Oh…and wind.  What if your hungry but the wind isn’t blowing?  Seriously??  If you make your living from natural gas, wouldn’t you want to INSURE the supply abundantly comes from here in America?   I guess I’ll be eating at home more…

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