Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #540

There’s a problem in North Dakota from all the oil production in the Bakken.  So much oil is moving out by train that farmers can’t get their crops to market.  BNSF….owned by Warren Buffett…is reporting a backlog of 1,300 cars waiting to ship grain and other Ag products.  Canadian Pacific has another 1,000 cars backed up.

The problem is the lack of pipeline infrastructure in North Dakota….particularly one:  The Keystone XL.

Vastly safer than truck or train, this pipeline has been stalled out by our current administration for the last 6 years.  It would put nearly half of those grain shipments back on the rails.  You tell me:  It’s the safest way to move oil.  It would put farmers back in business.  Canada will pay for it.  What am I missing?

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