Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #550

Episode Transcript:

Andy Peterson was on our Powering America Radio Show recently.  He’s the head of the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce.  And what he had to talk about was impressive.   The once-sleepy little farm town of Williston, North Dakota has become the poster-community of the modern day gold rush.

Because of the abundance of the Bakken Shale formation, Williston’s coffers have swollen one-thousand-one-hundred-fif teen-percent.  That’s right….over 11-fold…..to a whopping 250-million dollars.  Andy also pointed out that North Dakota’s economy is growing at 12-percent, and there are 26-thousand unfilled jobs statewide.

This is while Russia is about to tip into deflation, and Europe barely has an economic pulse.  People are flocking to places like Williston because there are great jobs everywhere, a thriving community, and a general air of excitement.  And it’s all because of …. FRACKING.

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