Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #558

Episode Transcript:

I enjoyed talking to John Hofmeister on my daily Powering America radio show recently.  John ran Royal Dutch Shell’s U.S. operations until 2008.  He has his eye on the future, and is concerned.  Like me, John feels we need alternative fuels in the transportation sector.  He feels we need to give YOU…the consumer…the choice in fuels.

To my knowledge….there are only 2 filling stations in America that have all available fuels sources – gasoline, diesel, natural gas, ethanol, methanol and biomass.  John would like to see this expand.  Then YOU have the choice how you want to drive.  Less horsepower but on cheaper, and in some cases, cleaner alternatives, or with the muscle-horsepower and highest-carbon-emitting gasoline to which you’ve grown so comfortable.   Natural gas powered vehicles are still the best short-term alternative.

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