Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #559

Episode Transcript:

Folks in the Ukraine are stocking up.  Blankets, gloves, hats, extra firewood.   And they’re sealing-up their windows.  Vladimir Putin has once again stepped away from the negotiating table in talks that could have resumed gas flows to the struggling nation, once a member of the Russian Federation under Putin’s former KGB.

This is haunting to me.  These people are going to suffer, and Putin is willing to freeze them out, and will likely then try again to take them over.

And at the root of it….energy.  Energy you and I often take for granted.  But will NOT be taken for granted for one long, cold, frozen Ukrainian night this winter.  We need more Natural Gas export terminals.  THEN, we could by-pass Putin and truly help the Ukrainian people save their independence.

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