Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #560

Episode Transcript:

An online petition drive launched not long ago against the Denver Post.  They were upset over an editorial insert that a pro-fracking group ran once Sunday a month this summer.  (A very well-done insert I might add).  So much for free speech.

But what was interesting to me was when I learned the break-down of the respondents.  The VAST majority were not from Denver.  In fact, only 0.67-percent were from Colorado!  The most….41-percent…were from Europe.  Thirty-percent were from California.

This just goes to show you how well-organized these vocal anti-fracking movements are, and most of loudest are in those same two places:  the UK and California.  Two places whose economies are struggling, and they import most of their energy.  Not a position, in either case, that I’d want to be in.

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