Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #561

Episode Transcript:

Don’t think that energy is free.  Anywhere.   The Ivanpah (Ivan-Paw) solar facility in the Mojave desert is a perfect example.  300-thousand solar mirrors on 3,500 acres out in the desert where all it has to do is collect sunlight and convert it to life-giving electricity, right?

WRONG.  Now that Ivanpah has been up and running…in daytime hours only…it’s estimated that nearly 30-thousand birds will meet their demise by flying over the panels.  They’re instantly incinerated and fall to earth.

On top of that, construction displaced desert tortoises, native to the area.  And bulldozers flattened thousands of kit-fox dens.  And in a half-century of development, wind and solar still only provide 3-percent of our country’s electricity.

Folks, fossil fuels aren’t going anywhere… any time soon.  So…we might as well produce our OWN.

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