Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #563

Episode Transcript:

This train issue is serious. Because of the oil boom in North Dakota, our nation’s trains are overwhelmed.  If you locked all the cars shipping oil every day by rail back-to-back….THAT train would be 29-miles long.  As a result, many North Dakota farmers are locked-out of being able to sell their crops, because there’s no place to ship it.

And…the Federal Government recently proposed tough new construction restrictions on the aging DOT-111 cars that carry the crude.  Problem there is they can’t be retrofitted fast enough to maintain current supply AND meet the government mandate.  (Surely Mr. Buffett can get that little minor detail worked out).

And train companies can’t put more on the tracks for lack of engineers.  So once again, the oil boom has created another career opportunity.  All Aboard!

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