Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #564

Episode Transcript:

Back in March, Gary Doer, the Canadian Prime Minister, came to Dallas where he said “There are 2 things that will always flow from Canada to the United States….Crown Royal and Oil”.  Now, for the first time, Canadian crude exports to the United States topped 3-million barrels a day.  That’s IN-SPITE of not having the Keystone XL pipeline.

AND in-spite of truck and train capacities being maxed-out.  Canada has the 3rd largest remaining oil reserves in the world, and they are our #1 ally.  It’s almost ludicrous how they continue to bend over in so many ways to get their oil to us, when our administration is saying they really don’t want it.  At least not safely.  At least not conveniently.

Mr. President…”Build That Pipleline”.  Somebody will….it might as well be you.

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