Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #567

Episode Transcript:

Well, they did it.  Denton became the first city in the State of Texas – the largest energy producer in the nation – to ban fracking.  This decision had actually been made a long time ago, when a rogue group of upset citizens led one of the most mis-informed and emotionally-exaggerated grass-roots campaigns I’ve ever witnessed.

But, I have to say, congratulations Cathy, Sharon and Dr. Briggle.  Because now you have likely plunged your town into a quagmire of legal battles that could last years.  It will ultimately be judges, not voters, who decide whether natural gas is extracted from the Barnett shale beneath your town.

Instead of lining your Denton libraries with books, you’re going to be lining lawyer’s pockets with Denton taxpayer’s cash, and that’s a sad reality.

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