Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #569

Episode Transcript:

Now that the dust is settling from the mid-term elections, all political eyes will be on the Republicans.  I consider myself politically agnostic – I’m for…what’s good for America.  But from anything I’ve seen over the last 6 years, the Democratic party offers me no hope, so, like most of Americans, I supported the Republican agenda as being the best for our country.  For jobs, border security, AND for our energy policy.

I hope don’t have 2 more years of gridlock.  It’s now up to the Republicans to figure out how they can work with a President who they abhor, and who, quite frankly, abhors them.  There are over 300 legislative bills sitting on Harry Reid’s desk, and it would be good, in these next 2 months, if some of them could be acted on.

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