Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #571

Episode Transcript:

President Obama is now officially a lame duck President.  I can only hope he doesn’t defiantly use his executive orders to keep bypassing the U.S. Constitution and legislate as a dictator 2 more years.

The American people have spoken.  Now, our Commander and Chief should honor the will of the people and cooperate with the new Congress.

One thing I do hope they will enact is to curtail and reprimand his abuse of this sacred privilege.  Look…I value my citizenship, as do you.  And the biggest asset we have as free Americans is our Constitution. In my opinion, this President has by-passed the intentions of our forefathers, and in another time and era, this could have been called treason.

No more executive orders, Mr. President.  Like we say around here, “Work it out.”

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