Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #572

Episode Transcript:

Now that the Republicans have control of the Senate again, I hope at least some legislation will start to flow to President Obama’s desk.  What he does with it will be predictable, but at least Debate will return to the halls of Congress.  Moving boxes will also be arriving at Harry Reid’s office, and I say Good Rid dins.

But I have a word for the Republicans:  Shape UP.  You’ve been bickering amongst yourselves for too long now.  We don’t want more shut-downs.  We want LEADERSHIP.  We want someone to step-up and become a Reagan-Esque leader of this country.  We want the old guard to retire, and new blood…fresh faces like Corey Gardner….in.

You have 2 years GOP.  If you blow this, there will be hell to pay, and her name is Hillary.

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