Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #576

Episode Transcript:

Did you see Halliburton’s 3rd quarter results?  70-percent increase in profits.   70-percent.  Heck, Apple was up about 12-percent and THRILLED based on hot iPhone-6 sales.  These days, not much is growing at 70-percent, especially for a big multi-national like Halliburton.  The reason their earnings were so explosive this quarter was because of the U.S. Shale oil boom.

Wherever you see a rig-site almost anywhere in America, Halliburton is probably not far away.  They performed the first commercial frack-stimulation in Kansas in 1947 and are still going strong.  I’m pleased to have been working closely with them for over a decade now.

Here is just another indication of why this technology is so good for America.  This growth is leading us to independence.

Jobs.  Profits.  Influence & Prestige.  Thank you Halliburton.

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