Powering America with Chris Faulkner – August 27

Join Chris Faulkner, CEO of Breitling Energy along with co-host Thomas Miller on Powering America Radio, the program dedicated to freeing the United States from foreign oil.

On this episode of Powering America, Chris Faulkner is back in the saddle on the show today and we talk oil prices.  Chris has a perfect analysis of why oil prices are falling, and how low are they expected to go.  With Chris’s unique and uncanny predictions having come true around energy and oil most of 2014, this is a prediction worth hearing.

Then the spotlight shifts to Russia where Chris wrote an op/ed article recently, saying that the best way to sanction Russia is with a continued U.S. energy boom.  Russia is dependent on $114 per barrel oil, and as long as the United States continues to produce over 8 million barrels per day, the trend should keep Brent Crude below the Russian benchmark price.  If that’s the case, the Russian economy will continue to suffer, in spite of it’s vast resources.

Special guest today is William Cassidy with the Journal of Commerce, a national expert on shipping and commerce.  The discussion includes whether tanker ships can ever consider converting to natural gas power.  Bill also discusses the increasingly popular topic of whether we can successfully convert our nation’s 18-wheel trucks to natural gas.  It’s not a given, but it is possible as you will find out.  We’re taking your calls as well, including a great question from California on whether we can truly ween ourselves from foreign oil.

Listen to hear Chris’s spot-on answer.

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