Powering America with Chris Faulkner – Dec 16, 2014

Join Chris Faulkner, President and CEO of Breitling Energy and Parker Hallam, President of Crude Energy along with radio host Thomas Miller as they discuss news and current issues facing the U.S. Energy Industry.

Dr. Michael Stroup, Professor of Economics at Stephen F. Austin University, joins Powering America to discuss the underlying economic problems that could transpire from lower oil prices.  While prices at the gas pump are favorable for consumers, there could be global economic impacts that could negatively affect the world’s financial system.  Dr. Stoupe explains that Russia’s economy has a lack of flexibility or diversification to other means of generating revenue.

Breitling Energy CEO Chris Faulkner was on Stuart Varney’s Fox Business program this morning discussing the Ruble’s collapse as a result of lower oil prices and we have the audio. S-File CEO, Frank Perez joins to discuss his new technology that increases efficiency in a well, allowing producers to be more economical in the drilling process.

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