Powering America with Chris Faulkner – Dec 17, 2014

Join Chris Faulkner, President and CEO of Breitling Energy and Parker Hallam, President of Crude Energy along with radio host Thomas Miller as they discuss news and current issues facing the U.S. Energy Industry.

Breitling Energy CEO, Chris Faulkner and Thomas Miller start the show off discussing the Fracking ban in New York that Governor Andrew Cuomo approved today. CNBC’s Brian Sullivan made the announcement on national media earlier today and we have the audio.  There is no substantiated scientific evidence that is confirmed by academia or the government that supports the decision.

Fred Lundgren, CEO of KCAA in Los Angeles, joins us in the second segment.  Fred is a former oil man and discusses the parity number that oil should be trading at in order to maintain economic viability with the rest of raw goods.  Fred has an interesting thesis that it was a collapse of the price of raw goods that led to the great depression and oil has tumbled far below the parity number.

Chris and Thomas wrap up the show by talking about the on-going collapse of the Russian Ruble and its potential affect globally.

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