Powering America with Chris Faulkner – Oct 20th

Join Chris Faulkner, President and CEO of Breitling Energy and Parker Hallam, President of Crude Energy along with radio host Thomas Miller as they discuss news and current issues facing the U.S. Energy Industry.

On this episode of Powering America Radio, Jessica Sena from the Montana Petroleum Association joins Thomas today to talk politics and energy.  Jessica and Thomas attended this weekend’s Sean Hannity & Ted Cruz rally in Dallas, and discuss the mid-term and 2016 elections.  Venezuela could default on their foreign bonds, and there is a parallel to what happened in Texas in the 1980’s when oil prices fell through the floor.

Special guest today is Kirk Eggleston, a journalist who is covering the Spot-Tailed Earless Lizard, and whether it will be placed on the Endangered Species List.  The lizard lives in the Eagle Ford Shale area of South Texas, and could challenge some of the prolific drilling explosion there.

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