Powering America with Chris Faulkner – September 11

Join Chris Faulkner, CEO of Breitling Energy along with co-host Thomas Miller on Powering America Radio, the program dedicated to freeing the United States from foreign oil.

On this episode of Powering America, Thomas Miller and Bill Palanuk talk in the first segment about Obama’s speech on bombing ISIS in Syria and do a recap of 9/11.

In the second segment, Miller and Palanuk talk about the Fox news poll of President’s Obamas’s unfavorable ratings and people skeptic to properly manage the war.

In the third segment, Thomas and Bill have a short talk about Crude Energy, followed by an interview with Dr. Bud Weinstein, associate director of Maguire Energy Institute about oil prices.

To finish the show, Thomas and Bill talk about flaring wells in Bakken vs. using the gas to power rigs.  They also discuss GE Oil’s new technology and investing with Crude Energy.

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