Powering America with Chris Faulkner – September 8

Join Chris Faulkner, CEO of Breitling Energy along with co-host Thomas Miller on Powering America Radio, the program dedicated to freeing the United States from foreign oil.

On this episode of Powering America, Thomas Miller and Parker Hallam discuss Guardian, CO representative Jared Polis (D) sponsored group deceptive of using ad using girl with cystic fibrosis and was caught lying. After they talk about social media and how the oil and gas industry is getting the message out.

In the second segment, a caller asks about how the public can be better educated about fracking.  Parker Hallam, President of Crude Energy at www.crude.com discusses infographics and the social media that Crude is doing.  Discussion continues to social media strategy and how the oil and gas industry can better get the message out.

Special guest Joe Rockovocks from the Western Trucking Alliance talks about challenges truckers across America are facing because of California’s mandate to cut carbon emissions by 10% by 2020.  Many trucks will become obsolete or face expensive upgrades, having a dramatic impact on our economy.

To close out the show,  further discussion about oil price trends, the prediction by Andrew John Hall that oil prices could go  up to $150 a barrel and how to invest with Crude Energy.

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