Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #506

I just don’t understand it.  President Obama went out to the Rose Garden recently to give a 15-minute tongue lashing to the Republicans for not voting on an immigration bill.  While the President sounded typically egotistical….what he subtlety said (and most Americans missed) were the words “Up or Down”.  President Obama and his Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reed, have blocked debate in this country.  By “up or down”, he could have said “My way or the highway”.  This administration has removed debate and representation of the people from the halls of Congress.  If it’s not done HIS way – Up or Down – then it’s legislated by HIS pen.  This is NOT America, and whether it’s Immigration or the Keystone Pipeline, we’re paying a HUGE price on both borders.

The only recourse we have, America, is to put Republicans in the house and senate this fall.

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