The Fracking Truth by Breitling Energy CEO Chris Faulkner

While the debate about fracking has divided the nation, the boom in home-grown energy has begun changing our economy and the shape of the world. You’ve heard about Gasland, FrackNation, and Promised Land. The time has come for The Fracking Truth, the new book explaining America’s Energy Revolution.

The Fracking Truth by Chris Faulkner


The revolution has already begun. The fracking revolution, that is.

The Fracking Truth is a primer on America’s ongoing energy revolution, but it’s also a call to action. The oil and gas industry has failed itself and failed the American public by doing a poor job of educating the public on fracking and related technologies that have created the American energy revolution. Readers will learn about the myths and the truths of the controversial practice of fracking, how the United States is benefitting from the fracking boom, and how fracking can actually help the US and the world achieve climate change goals.

The Fracking Truth seeks to bridge the information gap between public perception and an industry that fuels our daily lives, our national economy, and our future.

After years of economic devastation and turmoil, the energy boom driven by fracking gives us a second chance at security, prosperity, and global leadership.

Let’s hope we get it right.

About The Author

Chris Faulkner is the Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of Breitling Energy Corporation (BECC), an oil and natural gas company based in Dallas, Texas. Author of The Fracking Truth – America’s Energy Revolution: The Inside, Untold Story and producer of the fracking documentary Breaking Free, Mr. Faulkner was named Industry Leader of the Year in 2013 by the Oil & Gas Awards for the Southwest Region, Oil Executive of the Year in 2013 by the American Energy Research Group, and recognized in the Dallas Business Journal’s“40 Under 40” in 2014 as well as the “Dallas Who’s Who in Energy” in 2012 and 2013.

Breitling received the 2013 Aggreko Award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship from the Oil & Gas Awards for the Gulf Coast Region, was named 2013 E&P Company of the Year by the Oil & Gas Awards for the Southwest Region, “Best North American Operator” byWorld Finance Magazine in 2011, 2012 and 2013, and to the “Dallas 100 List” in 2013, ranking fourth among the top 100 companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The Fracking Truth Author Chris Faulkner