U.S. Corporate Called on Oil Export Ban Hit Win, IHS Estimated 340,000 Additional Jobs (Cnyes.com)

U.S. companies appealed to the wave of crude oil export ban continues to rise, so will be considered to reduce gasoline consumer spending, improve government finances, and job creation to create a win-win situation.

U.S. legislation to ban oil exports in 1975, and has continued to date. According to research firm IHS latest report, if the export ban was lifted, government revenues will increase by $ 1 trillion and create 340,000 jobs.

CNBC reported that the recent U.S. Department of Commerce officials met frequently with the oil companies, on speculation that the Obama administration may have turned to support the position of the oil export ban. Breitling Energy Energy Company CEO Chris Faulkner 29 at the Street Signs program said that if oil export open market supply increases will lead to decline 5-10 cents per gallon gasoline prices.

Faulkner believes that after the U.S. midterm elections, requiring lifting discussions will heat up, he was optimistic about the fastest next year to support export ban speech will get the upper hand, but the ban could become history.

On the other hand, the opposition believes the export ban is not a panacea, the recent sharp increase in U.S. crude oil output, but gasoline prices are still high, it is apparent oil exports and has no practical relevance exist, so the consumer who had no help or solve global warming.

Article Author: Chen Ruizhe

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