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How to Build Your Own SLR Digital Camera

SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex. What makes SLR cameras different from point and shoot cameras is that you can change an SLR camera’s lens. The two major components in an SLR digital camera are the lens and the body. To make your own custom SLR digital camera you must understand what those two components are and how they work together.

The Camera Body

When choosing your digital SLR camera body you should first decide on a name brand. You should consider durability, type of batteries that it will use, lenses available, and reviews. Begin by researching and reading reviews on the brand. The most popular brands are Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Kodak, Sony, Fuji, and Pentax.

Most camera bodies will not work with other brand lenses, unless the brand is specifically for use on multiple body brands, such as Tamron. For example: A Canon lens cannot be used on a Nikon body. One unique thing about Canons is that the lenses on the Canon SLR digital cameras are interchangeable with the lenses on Canon SLR film cameras. This means you can use the lenses on both types of cameras. The camera body should be known for excellent durability.

You do not want small important parts of the body to break off due to an accidental drop. Also, some camera bodies take different types of batteries than others. If you have a preference in the type of battery you want to use you should consider this.

The Camera Lens

There are many different types of lenses to choose from. Remember, whatever brand your camera body is you need to choose your lenses accordingly. There are some brands, such as Tamron, that make generic lenses for different types of SLR digital camera bodies. The first thing to decide when purchasing a lens is what type you will need. Macro lenses take great up-close photos, and microlenses take great far away photos.

Wide angle lenses fit more into the scene, and fish-eye lenses give the picture a panoramic bubble effect. You can also get different zoom length lenses. The zoom length is the distance that your lens can push its focal length. A good basic camera lens to start off with is the 18 to 55 mm. This size is usually the default size that comes with an SLR digital camera if you buy one already made.


Your camera body should come with a battery and a battery charger. Memory cards need to be purchased separate. Memory cards come in different sizes. The higher the gigabytes the more memory. You can also purchase extras for your SLR digital camera such as lens filters, camera straps, and cleaning kits. Once you have chosen your camera body and lens you can put the two together. To put your lens onto the body you look for the dot on the lens and line it up with the dot on the body. Simply slide the lens into place and turn it clockwise until you hear a snap. Now, you have made your own custom digital SLR camera.



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