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The Beauty of Tropical Decor

Like an exotic island retreat, tropical decor fills your home with the lush beauty of a dream vacation. Life envelopes you everywhere, in plants and tropical decor fabrics, in water fountains and wicker woven into patterns of flowing wood.

Fans circulate the air to give it freshness, and tropical decor art captivates the eye. Discover how easily you can enrich your home with the lush beauty of tropical decor.

Tropical Decor Furniture

The cheapest way to implement tropical decor furniture into your existing room is to add two wicker arm chairs, with colorful tropical decor cushions for seats. A series of large decorative wicker baskets can be placed upside down in a circle, to create a coffee table. Simply position a large wicker tray on top, to create a level surface for resting drinks.

Tropical Decor Fabrics and Rugs

Let your walls and floor remain as bland as they like, Tropical decor fabrics will breathe life into them. Decide beforehand if you wish your tropical decor to be created by illusion, with tropical decor fabrics and rugs, or through living plants. If your green thumb is far from reliable, choose tropical decor fabrics with patterns of leaves and flowers. Upholster your sofas and chairs in them, or save money by sewing pillow covers and a square sheet of fabric that you can cover the seats with, as though spreading a tropical decor blanket over them. For rugs choose ones in wicker color with tropical decor elements woven in, like palm trees or branches and leaves. And for curtains choose white, gauzy fabrics that will flutter in the wind.

Tropical Decor Houseplants

Even if houseplants tend to fail in your home, try the Braided Ficus Tree. This hardy plant is filled with the exotic beauty tropical decor looks for in plants. Or add one or two silk plants in shaded corners, to enhance the cool, island feel of your tropical decor. (Discover more hardy houseplants.)

Tropical Decor Fountains

Place a water fountain on your coffee table, surrounded by small plants or flower vases. Larger fountains that require an electrical outlet can enhance your tropical decor with corner fountains. Surrounding a room with fountains on all four sides will replicate the splash of a tropical waterfall. (Discover how water fountains purify the air naturally).

Tropical Decor Fans

Tropical decor ceiling fans are made of wicker. The blades rotate slowly, breathing life into the room. Antique fans can also add retro charm to your tropical decor. Made of metal and reminiscent of olden days, such fans will add the exotic appeal of the past to your tropical decor.

Tropical Decor Art

Add the beauty of Caribbean art to your tropical decor. From wooden masks to straw dolls and colorful wood carvings, Caribbean art will complete the illusion of an island retreat. And wall decor rich in all the colors of the rainbow will add exotic appeal to your tropical decor.

And to solve your storage problems, use decorative baskets that blend in with your desert theme. Discover all the ways decorative baskets can make your home beautiful and clean.



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