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The Home Theater Experience

Why do you enjoy the cinema? It’s a great place to sit back, relax, and forget all your troubles. The wide screen, the sound blasting all around takes your mind off everyday day problems as you get more and more involved in the movie. It really is a great way to spend a couple of hours; it’s just a shame that it has to end. Or, does it?

What if instead of being a short experience, you could bring the experience into your home? Gather up all the technical wizardry, the picture, the sound, the experience and bring it into your own living room, basement or which ever room you decide. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

You’d better sit down, take a deep breath and listen up. You can do what I just described. Not long ago it was only the elite who could afford to be so extravagant, the people who seemed to have money to burn, more money than sense, but technology has changed all that. The price has come way down and now put these home systems into the reach of everyday people who would rather spend their time at home being entertained than waiting for that one day a week, or month to go watch a movie.

The equipment needed to set up a home movie system isn’t going to cost you an arm or a leg, it actually fits into the budget of most working families. Lets begin with the basics. A twenty seven inch or larger television,. A three-speaker system, and a DVD player. This may be enough to give you that feeling of being in a movie theater. I say maybe because if you want to enhance the experience even more there are of course more things you can do.

This is where it gets tricky. You have to know your budget and know what you can afford to spend. If the above system fits your finances stay with it a while, you can always add to it when money is more plentiful. There’s no sense spending a bundle and having your enjoyment taken away wondering how the heck you’re going to pay for it.

Lets get back to the other stuff, lets say money is abundant or you’ve paid off the basic system and are ready to add a few features. What should be a few of the considerations?

Well before you go charging off to the store measure the room. If you buy furniture and bring it home and it’s to big, you have to go back, tell the salesman you screwed up and want to replace it. A waste of your time, the sales persons time, and embarrassing to boot.

Furniture, if you don’t know, they now have a whole line of furniture especially for the home theater. Yes they do, really! It’s designed to enhance the pleasure of viewing movies and TV in your own home. When you get to this point, take your time; try it out, your going to spend a lot of time with it.

Now you know what a home theater is, here are a few tips about your basic equipment. When you purchase your TV don’t think you have to buy the biggest available. If your home theater room is ten foot by ten foot a forty-eight inch TV is overkill. It probably wouldn’t make you go blind but it would sure take away the enjoyment. A little common sense is needed here to pick a TV that fits the size of the room. Go to the store and sit approximately the same distance from the various sizes TV’s as you will in your home and find one that’s pleasant and easy on the eyes.

Lets talk about speakers. When you listen to speakers in a store they may sound great but once you get them home they may sound really crappy. This is normally due to the acoustics of the area where they’re set up. Talk to the storeowner or salesman and make sure they have a return policy. You don’t want to be stuck with speakers if they don’t provide the sound you’re looking for. Check the agreement and if it’s not stated, get it in writing.

Most DVD players will work with a home theater system, some people think you need a high quality player but most home theater experts believe all deliver clear and crisp pictures, there are companies that promise flicker free pictures but this particular feature is built into most DVD players, check the manual before buying.

Once you decide on a room for your home theater. If it is pretty big the basic three-speaker system may not give the performance you desire. You might need to add speakers to get the sound you desire. If the room is exceptionally big you might consider adding a subwoofer to your system. If this has you confused Talk to the salesman or go on the Internet for information on the different type of speakers available.

Add all this together and it will give you the best home theater experience that only a few could enjoy a few years ago. If you don’t like the idea of setting up your own system there are people out there that will help you. Home theater designers are willing to come to your home and set the whole thing up for you. It will cost you more but if you have the extra cash go for it.

The last thing and most important thing to make your home theater experience complete. Don’t forget the popcorn popper or do as I do, get some microwave popcorn and keep plenty of soda in the fridge.



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