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Tuscan Decor for the Bathroom

Tuscan décor is most often featured in the kitchen, but it can just as easily be incorporated throughout the home, especially in the bathroom. If you have plans to remodel or add a bathroom in your home, consider the Tuscan look for your decorating scheme.

The characteristics that make Tuscan decor ideal for a kitchen, including its warm, rich colors, its rustic appeal, and its emphasis on natural materials, also make it perfect for a bath.

To incorporate Tuscan décor into a bathroom, focus on key Tuscan design elements: color, texture, decorative wall treatments, natural flooring, tile, and Tuscan accessories and accents.


The Tuscan palette is characterized by warm, rich colors that are inspired by nature and includes shades of brown, red, orange, yellow, olive green and deep blue. While any of these colors will work in a bath, shades of brown or gold, green and blue can create a restful, relaxing ambience in a bathroom. Lighter earth tones set off by darker accents can be especially effective.


In Tuscany, stucco or plaster walls with a natural texture are common. You can create the impression of texture in your bath by choosing a pre-textured paint. Another option is to select wallpaper with a faux stucco or plaster pattern.

Decorative Wall Treatments

Use stencils to give your Tuscan decorating scheme an authentic, unique element, or if you are ambitious and creative, consider a painting a fresco on one of the walls. You can also find wallpaper preprinted with stencil and fresco designs.


Tile is a traditional Tuscan flooring material, which is perfect for a bath, but other natural materials, such as marble or stone also are good choices. Another option is terra cotta tile for an authentic Tuscan look.


One reason the Tuscan look is perfect for a bath is that tiles can be such an important part of this design scheme. You’ll find plenty of shower and bath tiles in ceramic, glass, stucco and other materials to complement and enhance your Tuscan décor, with choices for every budget and any interior design. Even if you budget doesn’t allow for extensive tile work around the tub or in the shower, a few carefully chosen tiles in the backsplash behind the sink can add that special something to your bathroom remodel. Marble mosaic, Roman glass, hand-painted or stucco tiles are just a few of the styles to consider.

Accessories and Accents

Finish your bathroom’s décor with Tuscan-inspired accessories and accents. Terra cotta pottery, Mediterranean painted ceramics, and wrought iron are great options for the bath. For example, look for a mirror with a wrought-iron frame. Also, choose a rustic distressed-look vanity or, if you are a capable furniture refinisher, save on a vanity by distressing a piece yourself.



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